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A white man was on a safari in Africa. He saw a black man bathing in a river and noticed the guy was really well-endowed.

In fact, it was hanging below the knees. The white man stared in astonishment.

The black man asked in anger: What’s the matter, does not the white man’s member shrink in cold water?Related

Banta: What is the similarity between doing sex & doing surgery?

Santa: Skill is more important than the instrument…Related

Fake hair, fake nails, fake b**bs, fake tan, fake smile. Girl, are you sure you weren’t made in China?Related

Santa(after watching a boxing match): Crap, I am disappointed, it’s over in 2 minutes.

Jeeto: Good, now you know how I feel.Related

Cooja, Mooja, Ooja, Kani, Mani, Pani, Mao, Bao, Lao, Zoo, Lo Shoo…
Oh my God! Hope you have not read it! This was the mantra for making your

DICK smaller!Related

Men are trained since birth:

That’s why their Happiness comes either from boobs or bottles!Related

*Yahoo chat*

dude_88: What’s your name?

cute_gl: I’m Laura. Yours?

dude_88: Lassun.

cute_gl: Delhi se hun bhenchod! Lassun andar lele!Related

Mr Chu from China & Mr Tiya from Korea came to India & setup a Firm. Till now, they have no Business & are still wondering why their firm: CHUTIYA & CO. failed?Related

GRAND INSULT: You’re so ugly, you could practice birth control just by leaving the lights on!Related

Q: What’s the closest thing to a woman’s period?

A: Your salary. It comes once a month lasts about 3-4 days and if it doesn’t come everythings fucked.Related

A recent survey confirmed that 87% of the women want to have sex after marriage…

My question is,



“Where are they?”Related

Why is sex like shaving?

Well, because no matter how well you do it today… tomorrow you’ll have to do it again…Related

Santa, unable to satisfy his wife, took Banta’s advice.

While having sex, he asked her: Do u feel any change?

Jeeto: Yes, today u r doing it like BantaRelated

Roses are Red

Twitter is Blue

You look bangable

So I’ll follow you!Related

Son: Dad, I want to be like you.

Dad (Feeling Proud): That’s so nice, son. So you want to be an engineer?

Son: No Dad! I, too wanna fuck Deepa aunty… she is so f**king hot!Related

Girlfriend’s father to Pappu, “How dare you took my daughters virginity?”

Pappu: I’m sorry, Sir. It won’t happen again!Related

Q: What is the difference between men and mice?

A: Men run for the pussy and mice run from the pussy.Related

What do a gynecologist and a pizza delivery guy have in common?


















They can both smell it but they can’t eat it.Related

Q: What did the blonde’s mom say to her before the blonde’s date?

A: If you’re not in bed by 12, come home.Related

Santa: If I sleep with your best friend what will be the first thought to cross your mind?

Wife: That you are a homosexual.Related

Women should have equal rights to men.
It would be awesome if women were allowed to walk around with their tops off! :thinking:Related

Jeeto and Santa see a hot girl.

Jeeto: So big, aren’t they?

Santa: Yes!

Jeeto: Are they artificial?

Santa: I think natural.

Jeeto: Earrings and Natural?


Why is golf called a wrong game?

Coz u hold a stick n put the ball in the hole instead of holding the ball n putting the stick in the hole.Related

Santa: I am all for women’s rights.

Banta: That’s new to me. But still how?

Santa: They actually get a choice between a “School Girl” or a Nurse’s outfit when I’m horny!Related

Santa: Why do prostitutes charge per hour?

Banta: Dunno! Why this question?

Santa: I mean, what are we supposed to do for the other 57 minutes?Related

Banta: When a woman arouses a man and leaves, she is known as a cock- teaser. What is a male called when he does the same to a female?

Santa: A moisturizer.Related

During sex education class:
Teacher: Wat do u call a man who doesn’t use CONDOMS?All students simultaneously shouted:

Santa puts in his papers.

Boss: Why are you leaving?

Santa : I have vaginal problems.

Boss : But you’re a man!

Santa: That I am, Sir. But you are a CHOOT!

Happy Boss Day!Related

Santa and Jeeto lying in a bed.Jeeto flings her one leg on Santa’s shoulder and whispers – Take me!Santa did not pay attention to that.Jeeto flings on her second leg and repeats – Take me!Santa: I’m not going anywhere!Related

Girlfriend ne Boyfriend ke Shoulder Par Sar Rakh ke Puchha: Tum Mujhe Kab Tak Apne Shoulder Par Sar Rakhne Doge?Boyfriend: Jab Tak Teri Tangen Apne Shoulder Par Rakh Na loon!Related

Santa: My new girlfriend really takes my breath away.

Banta: Wow! You lucky bastard. Where did you find her?

Santa: From an online Sex Toys Shop. She’s inflatable!Related

Boobs can make anything stand hard and Up.

Why isn’t it helping the falling Rupee since the Indian women have a habit of storing them in their blouses!Related

Sex & Shopping have one thing in common: In both the cases, men start sweating in 15 minutes & women want to go on and on

and on and on!Related

A boy takes his girlfriend to a restaurant.

Boy: Kya khayegi?

Girlfriend: Jo aap khaoge

Boy: Vagina?

The girlfriend gets angry and slaps the boy.

Boy: Pagal Aurat, I was asking Veg hi na?Related

Mallika was invited to “KBC”

Amitabh: Which part of the show you like the best?

Mallika raised her skirt and said, “FASTEST FINGER FIRST.”Related

Example Of A Short, Sweet and Meaningful Answer

Girl: “Hey! How Are You Doing These Days?

Boy: “By Hand“Related

Suhagrat ke time darvaze pe dastak hoti hai toh dulhan bhag k parde ke peeche chup jati hai.

Husband: Kya hua?

Dulhan: Mujhe laga police ki raid par gai.Related

Support gay couples… because it puts two dicks out of competition!Related

Define contraceptive pill?

It’s the second best thing that a women can keep in her mouth to avoid pregnancy.Related

Santa touched Jeeto’s boobs and sung: Piyo glass full doodh, wonderful doodh.

Jeeto touched his penis and said: Thanda matlab CHOTA COKE!Related
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